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How To Treat Common Skin Problems

how to treat common skin problemsThe skin is the body’s protective outer cover and is known as the largest organ of the body. Because of its position, the skin encounters lots of harmful elements like chemicals, cuts, sunlight among others on a daily basis.

All these elements added to other factors such as stress and sweat often lead to skin problems. At, we identified some of the most common skin problems and their treatments. They are as follows:

  •  Acne

Among the most common skin problems is acne. There are several causes of acne with some being hormonal imbalances in the body, stress, hereditary factors, sweat, dirt accumulation on the skin among others such as use of steroids. One way of treating acne is keeping your skin dry and clean. However, there are other ways such as through the use of over the counter benzyl peroxide that can be purchased at local drug stores and is used to wash the skin clean.

  •  Sunburn

There are times when Ultra Violet radiations from the sun cause harm to the skin. When exposed for long periods to the sun, sunburns occur and these are seen almost instantly on the skin. Sunburns can be serious especially if an individual does not have enough melanin pigment on their skin. Some people end up with blisters from sunburn. One way to prevent sunburns is by wearing sunscreens, hats and sunglasses. However, after sunburn, there are some skin creams rich in vitamin E that helps reduce the skin trauma. Apply such creams at least twice in a day for effective relief.

  • Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is mostly common in individuals who love workouts and is often spread through use of public areas like communal showers and fitness centers. This infection occurs between the spaces on the toes and if not checked, can spread to the toenails. Severe cases of this skin ailment may need medication even though there are other over the counter treatments such as Lamisil-AT and other anti-fungal creams which can be found at local drug stores.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles are often associated with old age. Wrinkles occur because as you get older, the skin gets thinner, less elastic and fairly drier. The best protective device against wrinkles is to protect further damage by following simple health procedures such as avoiding cigarette smoking. Taking care of your skin will prevent the onset of wrinkles. There are perfect anti-aging skin creams such as NeriumAD available at that can help you fight both wrinkles and the skin aging process.


There are a lot of people looking for options that may keep their skin from taking on an aging appearance; there are solutions to this dilemma.

Our skin will respond according to our diet, the quantity of water we consume and the amount of exercise we are able to get.But proper medication is also essential to solve this problem.

There are a variety of products that can give our skin the extra attention that it may need.

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