Why Use Arm Pillows?

Have you heard about arm pillows? If you have been in a hospital with problems relating to your Image result for arm pillowshands and you have had your arms operated on, then, perhaps you have not only heard of arm pillows but also used them!

Like the name suggests, arm pillows are specialized types of pillows found mostly in the hospitals. The main design for these pillows is in such a manner as to assist nurses in elevating the hands of their patients especially after such patients have undergone through surgery relating to the arms.

Like many health inventions, pillows for the hands have not been around for long periods of time. It is the very reason why most people do not know of their existence. Originally, pillows used to support operated arms were designed by a hand surgeon known as Dr. Peter Carter. This first arm pillows were known as the Carter Arm Elevation Pillow.

As the years pass, arm pillows have changed in design and been improved into various types and sizes. Redesigned arm pillows are preferable because:

  • They are more comfortable

To a patient lying in a hospital and whose arm has just been operated, comfort is key. Recently redesigned arm pillows are extremely comfortable. This is because they are made from a soft and wrinkle free foam material.

  • They have better durability

Recently redesigned pillows for the arms are preferable because of their durability. The foam material that they are made from lasts much longer and makes them much easier to care for than the original arm pillows.

  • They come in different sizes

When arm pillows were initially designed, they were only available in one shape and size. However, with the recent redesigning, these pillows are now available in different sizes making them ideal for all types of arms.

Re-designed arm pillows are also quite pocket friendly. They will not cost you much to purchase and are quite easy to use. Those who have gone through ER and are recovering at home or in the hospital environment can easily and safely use the arm pillow.

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